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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Project Origin

She coming Oct. 31 2008,

Project origin website

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Anonymous said...

The everyday person goes through their daily life without ever thinking that there could be more out there than what they see. The occultist goes through their daily life constantly interacting with what others don't see.

The occult world is not separate from our own but more the underbelly of the everyday person's world. The occult world consists of the things that people find too scary or too fantastic to be real. The occult world is meant to stay hidden from the mundane world.


...there's a war that’s been waging for centuries between in the occult world between it's different races. And it's all leading up to a violent and bloody conclusion.

The waring factions consist of the vampires; oldest of all the clans and most clandestine. The witches; those who seek out the occult world and hope to hone all knowledge within it for the benefit of self and those around them. The lycanthropes; resulting offspring from diseased animal bodily fluids coming into contact with humans. The zombies; creatures spawned from the most powerful of witchcraft. The akash; the spirits of the earth manifest in different guises. The mutants; resulting offspring of nature merging with humans. Angels; messengers from the divine.

"And with righteous might, win through to absolute victory."

Factionalists Comic Project

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