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Saturday, April 25, 2009

DABBE with english subtitles

This horror film was made 2006 in Turkey.Director Hasan Karacadag has inspired by J-Horror masterpieces ''kairo&ringu'' for his creepy and atmospheric supernatural shocker. But his main source of inspiration is Dabbe-tul arz, a demonic entity who is mentioned in the holybook of islam-Koran as the herald of the Apocalypse. Once the demon comes into the mortal world, his influence starts to spread like a spider web. Despite the obvious budgetary restraints, Karacadag manages to scare us slowly but surely, thanks to a solid script, aggressive sound design and a bunch of young, talented actors. The movie was a big hit in Turkey.

She Beast with Count Factula - The Pimps Horror House

Horror movie host on acid
you may need rehab after watching this movie

The pimps house of horrors on myspace


Dawn of the Dead - Blackout Game
You are trying to get the genator working in the mall parking lot. Defend the cage until you get it running... Look out behind you!

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Land of the Dead - Loot and Shoot
(Takes a minute to load) The world is gone as you know it. The Dead walk the earth and the living hide in the shadows. To survive, YOU must venture into the land of the dead, to grab the things you need to stay alive. Things like food, medicine, and batteries. [Land of the dead - loot and shoot]

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Zombie Apocalipse
Zombie Apocalipse This is a multiplayer coop game. You will not get far alone. Kill all the zombies!!! Ideal sequel of "Zombies!", thanks Nerdygames !!!!! We are adding new enemies and changing all the sounds ;) New updates soon...

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Escape from Hell Towers
Your mission is to escape from the research facility known as Helltowers while saving as many prisoners as you can. Guards, Zombies and machines are going to try to stop you

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